Saving Paradise: The Story of Sukau Rainforest Lodge

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In Saving Paradise: The Story of Sukau Rainforest Lodge, Albert Teo and Carol Patterson provide a reality-test on the concept of ecotourism. They explore the ten years of challenges and triumphs that Albert faced first in building and ecolodge and then making it successful while adhering to ecotourism principles. In this book Albert tells in his own words how the Lodge was built, how it is operated and why it continues to succeed when many ecotourism facilities struggle. It is also a story of Borneo’s Kinabatangan River basin, an area of incredible biotic diversity and of the “Orang Sungai” people who have lived closely with this river for many hundreds of years. In many ecotourism businesses, balancing financial gains against environmental concerns is difficult, but Sukau Rainforest lodge is proof that it is possible.

Saving Paradise: The Story of Sukau Rainforest Lodge shows the reader a different type of business model – one where excess profits are traded for community partnerships and conservation efforts. It has lessons for the tourism industry and for travelers who seldom wonder about the infrastructure that goes into delivering a rich vacation experience far in to the rainforest. Moreover, Saving Paradise is much more than a business guide. It is also a portrait of the people of the Kinabatangan and the wildlife they fight for, told through the breath-taking photography of Albert Teo. His pictures of this fascinating region share, in ways words never can, the unique features of this ecosystem and reinforce Albert’s hope that others will be inspired and work together to protect ecosystems through responsible travel.

  • Authors: Albert Teo and Carol Patterson
  • Published 1/1/2005
  • 120 pp.
  • ISBN: 983-9312-01-4