Providing Positive Wildlife Viewing Experiences

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Colorado Division of Wildlife and Watchable Wildlife, Inc. present a new resource book for wildlife viewing professionals: Providing Positive Wildlife Viewing Experiences, a Practical Handbook by Deborah Richie Oberbillig.

How can wildlife viewing professionals bring people in close contact with nature, while honoring the "wild" in wildlife? You'll find practical planning tips on matching viewers with experiences, handling large and small groups of wildlife watchers, and designing viewing blinds, boardwalks, stream profile chambers and discovery trails. A special section focuses on the challenges posed by feeding wild animals, loving-wildlife-to-death, and imparting viewing ethics. Case studies offer success stories ranging from bear viewing at McNeil River State Game Sanctuary in Alaska to sandhill crane observation on Nebraska's Platte River. Every case study and example includes a specific contact with address, phone and email.

  • Author: Deborah Richie Oberbillig
  • Publisher: Colorado Division of Wildlife and Watchable Wildlife, Inc.
  • Illustrations: Paul Gray
  • 68 pp.