Nature and Wildlife Tourism Workshops
Helping to Build Sustainable Communities

Eco, Nature, or Wildlife Tourism: no matter what you call it, this is one of the most popular and fastest growing segments of the world’s largest business.

Across North America and around the world, Watchable Wildlife Inc. is helping communities better understand how natural areas in their region could hold the answer to protecting and improving their quality of life and building a sustainable economic base. Our Wildlife/Nature Tourism Planning Workshops are designed to bring diversified groups and individuals together to learn how to structure these programs. We believe the residents of a community have the largest stake in controlling development and protecting the area’s natural resources. These residents also feel the brunt of the difficulties caused by a decline in the local economic base.

Watchable Wildlife Nature and Wildlife Tourism Workshops are designed to give you answers on:

  • How to help the community understand and support the responsible use of public and private lands for nature based recreational programs.
  • How to develop a position of strength when dealing with outside contractors planning to operate within the community.
  • How to best assure that a fair portion of the revenue from tourism remains in the community.
  • How Wildlife/Nature Tourism can help improve the quality of life and property values.
  • How to conduct “Site Assessments” to identify the community’s natural areas and how to invest limited funds.

Watchable Wildlife Inc. offers a limited number of workshops each year to qualifying community groups. Contact us to learn more.