Ventos View

The 2001 Watchable Wildlife conference was scheduled to open just two days after the September 11th attack on the United States. Of course, like thousands of events, the conference was canceled and rescheduled for October 16-18, 2002. However one segment of the 2001 conference was held as scheduled and serves as a strong reminder of what this country stands for.

A wildlife viewing site was constructed on the bluffs of the Mississippi River. This site serves to thank the citizens of St. Paul for hosting the conference and to remind them of their rich wildlife diversity.

Reclaimed limestone from the old St. Paul City Hall, demolished over 70 years ago, was used to build the viewing site. As hoped, the site has become a catalyst for the area and several additional viewing sites and trails are now being planned.

The Sponsors: This viewing site has been made possible through the generosity of: Watchable Wildlife, Inc., Waste Management, Inc, MN Dept of Natural Resources, 3M, Yard Scapes, ThemeScapes, Cliff Timm and Melvin & Jim Ingemunson

Special thanks to John Kellas of Waste Management and Old Man River Café.

John Kellas of Waste Management being sized up by an American Bald Eagle from The Raptor Center of the University of Minnesota.

Left, Site donor Cliff Timm talks to St. Paul Parks Director Vic Wittgenstein about his concerns for the area.

Left Philip Rickey, Sculptor and Environmental Artist, and Peter Kramer, Architect, designed and built the site.

Local residents, city officials and business leaders used the stone hillside seating to enjoy the view and dedication ceremonies.

Watchable Wildlife President Jim Mallman standing atop the stone presentation wall to welcome guests to the dedication of Vento’s View.

Frank Vento, father of the late Congressman Bruce Vento, releases a rehabilitated Coopers Hawk as part of the dedication ceremony.