Elk River Project

Elk River Recycling Center

It’s easy to complain about the waste problems associated with a growing population. Great gains have been made in the areas of recycling and conservation. However there is little doubt that waste disposal will continue to be a major challenge. Watchable Wildlife Inc. is now looking at waste disposal sites and searching for better land utilization programs as these sites mature.

One such project would be the Elk River Recycling Center run by Waste Management, Inc. Since taking over the facility, Waste Management has upgraded the site to exceed federal and state regulations. The company has implemented one of the most extensive metal and wood reclamation programs in the industry.


Now a partnership between Waste Management, Watchable Wildlife Inc., the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and local government is investigating the potential for improving this site.  Further studies are underway to determine the feasibility for developing the site into a wildlife viewing area.


The site's elevation and rural location offers a number of opportunities to view wildlife in inaccessible areas. Waterfowl, songbirds, deer, fox and butterflies are just a few of the species that can be seen from the site. Artist conceptions and recreational layouts have been completed. Hearings and discussions are now being organized and scheduled by Watchable Wildlife Inc. to promote participation towards the development of this important and innovative project.


Another example of how diverse partners working together can:
“Help Communities and Wildlife Prosper”